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Android Outlook Web App

Despite a few minor inconveniences, after trying Outlook PWA, you may prefer it to the mobile app. so how do you actually use it? Just go to in a browser on your phone, such as Safari on the iPhone and Chrome on Android phones. Other browsers will work of course.

Android Outlook Web App

Your college email can be configured for use on your mobile device. We recommend using the Android Outlook mobile app and the iOS outlook mobile app to accomplish this.

The recall feature is one that users are particularly grateful for as it has saved people from lots of embarrassments. To recall an email in outlook is pretty easy but there is a catch to it. You can only do it for fellow outlook users. This means that if your recipient uses other email services like Hotmail, gmail or yahoomail, you cannot recall the message.

Another catch to it is that you have to initiate the recall action before the recipient reads the mail. This means you have to move fast enough as soon as you realise your mistake. If the recipient has read the mail, there is no way to recall the email in outlook. The most you can do is send an apology message with the correct version of what you intended to send.

There are several versions of the Microsoft office outlook but the steps below can be applied to retract an email in outlook on your Android device since the Outlook 2016 for Mac does not support a recall option.

Your list of contacts can be viewed via (previously known as Hotmail or Live), but it is common to access and manage contacts through Outlook desktop software on Windows and Macs, or through its mobile apps. 041b061a72

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