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Murder Game APK: Can You Outsmart Your Adviser and Claim the Throne?

The Trace: Murder Mystery Game is a detective decryption game developed by the game maker Relentless Software. The story is adapted from the novel of the same name. The game player plays a detective called Sam Pearce, Cases of strange cases, the player through careful observation and various investigative techniques to collect evidence, and put them in series to find out the truth of the case.

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The Trace: Murder Mystery Game The game is adapted from the novel of the same title, the game advancing the use of similar movie narrative style, the player plays Sam Pearce is an ordinary detective, received a phone call to detect the case, in addition to their investigation site Find a variety of clues, you can also connect the forensic Alex to seek help.

The game uses a cartoon style of the screen, the entire picture did not give a feeling of repression, but because of the use of brighter colors, so it feels a bit relaxed. Sam Pearce, the detective who played the game during the game, took over a tricky murder case. The player needed to gather all the evidence on the scene and integrate these seemingly scattered evidences to find out the logical relationship and eventually solve the case. There is an assistant behind every detective, who will be assisted by phone during the game.

The picture of the game is very good, although it is indoors murder cases, but did not use the kind of dark oppressive game style, but the scene is bright color, giving a relaxed feeling. The game player is mainly to collect all kinds of evidence, the scattered evidence to integrate and classification, and ultimately in series to restore the truth of things.

The game uses a first-person perspective, the scene players can not be free to move around by sliding to change their perspective, click on somewhere in the scene to narrow perspective, two fingers sliding outward to restore their normal perspective In addition, the scene there are open the door, scanning fingerprints, scanning ID cards, etc., a strong sense of the times.

The game in the case of a car repair shop which opened the door after the game officially began. The game is a bit similar to the chamber of treasure hunt, the player needs in a limited scene requires a variety of evidence, the difference is that the evidence sought to be screened, only those important evidence can be placed in the chain of evidence, which the final Mystery.

The case took place in a car repair shop, so the beginning of the game players will appear in front of the repair shop, the operation of the game is not too difficult, players only need a few minutes to master all the actions in the game. The game uses a first-person perspective, the game which players are not free to move, the player clicks the appropriate location to move to the designated place, and drag the finger left or right to control the role of the perspective of mobile, in addition to the popular elements of the scene can interact , Players can also drag your finger to interact. For example, a doorknob requires the player to click and then drag it down to open the door.

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The explanations in the game are in English, so it is troublesome when searching clues. At the same time, not all the evidence is obvious, some are hidden, and some need to be detected by the instrument. Basically, the feedback information is neither Understand, forensic Alex's phone does not know what he is talking about, so for poor English players, the game is still playing with difficulty.

The game experience is very good, much better than other games of the same style. The music is very good, and the style of play is also very distinctive. Very good game, and you can make friends on it...

To download Murder: Be The King mod from need enable the option "Unknown Sources".1. Click on the above link to download Murder: Be The King mod APK.2. Save the file in your device Downloads folder.3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing it right away.

Killer Among Us is a slightly darker version of Clue for the next generation, except in this version there is no board - instead your friends (or coworkers, family, or even frenemies) get to participate in a murder mystery scavenger hunt where:

This game is NOT a scripted murder mystery game, it is an incredibly easy to learn card game that offers tons of ways for strategic players to have fun and get ahead. The game is different every time so you can play again and again!

OVERVIEW: Players walk around the party area and interact (see step) with each other using game cards, some players will be killed, one player will be the killer, and the rest of the players will be trying to determine who that killer is, how they killed their victims, and what their motive is. They do this by marking off clue cards they discover while interacting with other players. These three type of cards (character, weapon, and motive) make up the Clue Cards in the game. The Killers Character Card, Weapon Card, and Motive Card were removed and put into the solution envelope before the start of the game - this way any clue card discovered during the game can be marked off their Case File Sheet (a list of ALL possible characters, weapons, and motives) because it is no longer a possible solution. Also if a player is killed, their character is no longer a suspect and can be marked off the Case File.

When a player marks off all Suspects, Weapons, and Motives until they deduce each down to one possibility they are ready to solve the case and if they are right they WIN THE GAME! Choose a new Killer, Weapon, and Motive to set-up the next game for a whole new challenge.

The game starts out by everyone choosing one of 52 characters - one of those characters is the killer, but only the player who draws the killer knows (this can be set up beforehand or you can leave it to chance). Remove the characters that aren't being played.

Another Fantastic and Unique element of this game is that the characters names are editable, so you get to decide what each characters name shall be. You can name it after the actual person, create funky pseudonyms for each, or forgo names and give them other identifications such as The Accountant, The Fortune Teller, The Play Boy, etc...

After each player chooses their character you will prepare their Character ID Badge. These badges are worn around the players neck. You can use a ribbon to attach them or a lanyard. On one side of the badge is the characters profile and name, on the other side is their "dead face", which they will flip over if they are one of the players that get murdered in the game.

Remove the killers Character Clue Cards. Clue Cards, one of the 10 different kinds of Weapon cards, and one of the 8 different kinds of Motive Cards from the game - place them in a separate envelope. This is the solution envelope.

Each player is given a combination of Clue Cards and Action Cards, except the Killer who receives a combination of Death Cards and Red Herrings (a type of clue card that works to keep players from the real clues). They also receive a Case File to mark off their findings. A Game Letter is read to players explaining the rules and they are ready to play the game.

This game is a mingling social game, there is no taking turns, players simply walk around and interact with other players of there choosing using their Action Cards. These are the cards that will allow players to interact differently with each other - below are just a few of the different action card rules.

FORM AN ALLIANCE: If two players both have a FORM AN ALLIANCE card they can join forces and share information freely with each other. Players are only permitted up to one alliance per game so choose wisely.FRIENDLY WAGER: This allows a player to gamble with another player if they choose. Each player rolls two dice - the player with the highest roll gets to randomly choose a card from the other AND they get to keep the Friendly Wager card for future use.DETECTIVE: These cards allow you to ask players if they have a specific type of clue card in their hand (either character, weapon, or motive) and if they have any they must give you at least one in exchange for this card.

If you receive a Death card, you are no longer able to solve the case and win the game - but you do get to continue playing! Now you are a ghost. You will receive a new set of cards called Spook cards to add to the game card you already have and you will get to look in the solution envelope to learn the details of your demise. You cannot talk freely with the living players. When one approaches you with a Psychic Card (the action cards that allow you to speak to ghosts) then you spread all your cards before them (the spook cards and the cards you had in your hand before you died) and they choose one. If they choose one of your game cards they get to keep it and add it to their hand, if they choose a spook card it may or may not be a good thing for them. Some come with consequences, some come with rewards, others are just kind of fun.

Killer Among Us Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt is available for Instant Download. I recommend card stock because you can play this game again and again with different results every time. The Download includes:

Description : Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries detective game - beautiful, interesting and complicated detective quest that takes place in Melbourne in the 1920s. The main character begins to investigate the murder, which soon turns from an ordinary case into the process of her whole life. Clues to new secrets, characters hiding their secrets, implicit suspects, imaginary allies, and much more await them along the way to find the real criminal. Well, players need to help her deal with the clutter of facts, not to miss important clues, and not to let the cunning confuse the investigation further. Features : * Uncover clues, interview suspects, and solve a key murder * Choose where to research and how to talk to people * Search surroundings for hidden objects that may be important * Find costume pieces and unlock new fashions for Phryne * Interactive detective story from Melbourne in the 1920s, based on the hit show Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries * Gorgeous character and background illustrations bring the Miss Fisher world to life

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