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Fast Furious Spy Racers [UPD]

Parents need to know that Fast & Furious: Spy Racers is an animated series based on the Fast & Furious feature films that follows a new group of teen street racers who join forces with a government agency to take down a gang. To do so, the characters engage in illegal and socially irresponsible behavior, but for the most part, their intentions are good. Even so, young kids won't grasp the intricacies of the characters' relationships or fully understand why they do what they do. Expect a fair amount of violence in this fast-paced series. Some scenes imply that people are hurt or even killed, although it's not shown in detail. Ultimately, though, the main concern here is the show's relationship to the movies, which are meant for a much older audience. On the upside, there are strong messages about family and loyalty, a diverse cast of characters (including one who may be nonbinary), and whip-smart girls who are tech geniuses.

Fast Furious Spy Racers

This fast-paced series will thrill older kids and tweens who love speed. Its animation is so sharp that you almost forget you're not watching live action as the cars race down the roads in contests or in chase. There are shadowy characters with uncertain motives, smart and fearless teens who refuse to lose, spy gear galore, and a dodgy government agent calling the shots. Secrets are revealed at nearly every turn, the lines between enemy and friend blur, and the action never stops.

On May 2021, DreamWorks and Universal announced that a game based on the Netflix series titled Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Rise of SH1FT3R was in develompemnt by 3D Clouds and published by Outright Games, who also publish various games based on works like DreamWorks such as Spirit: Lucky's Big Adventure. It was published in November 5, 2021. The game tells an original story separate from the series and has 17 tracks based in locations from the series, including Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, the Sahara Desert, and the South Pacific. On April 22, 2022, a DLC pack titled Arctic Challenge was released, adding 4 tracks based on Alaska, alongside 4 new vehicles and 2 new racers.

One example is the giant engine on the back of the car that the team uses to make the car much faster in Spy Racers. After that aired, the trailer of Fast & Furious 9, hinted at the same idea. The question arises: who thought of it first? From interviews with Hendrick, it becomes clear that while there are no hard feelings between the creators, ideas can shift from one crew to another. 041b061a72

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