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Mother Android

On Christmas Eve at some point in the future, Georgia Olsen finds out that she is pregnant. The child's father, her boyfriend, Sam Hoth, asks her to marry him. Georgia, however, is uncertain both about the relationship and her desire to be a mother. She decides not to tell her parents.

Mother Android

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Forgetting her phone at home, Georgia goes to a college Christmas party with Sam. An android named Eli, owned by the Olsens, wishes Sam happy Halloween instead of Christmas, the first suggestion that something is amiss.

At the party, a shrill screech can suddenly be heard and soon after, an android turns violent. He attacks Georgia and Sam, who run away from the house. Smartphones unexpectedly start exploding, killing their users and leading to an AI takeover.

Nine months later, Georgia, expecting her baby, has taken shelter in the forest with Sam. The couple are trying to get to a fortified Boston. They have heard rumors about a boat that is transporting new mothers to Asia, where they can find a peaceful life.

The following day, the couple are able to travel faster on the dirt bike. While stopped at a river, they are spotted by an android, who pursues them. Soon, several more androids give chase, accompanied by drones. Sam drops off Georgia and tries to lure the androids away on the bike. Meanwhile, Georgia meets a camouflaged man who offers to help her. He turns out to be an AI programmer who tells her that the androids have learned to hack their software. He introduces himself as Arthur.

In the morning, Georgia awakes to contractions. She tells Arthur that she needs to find Sam, and he leads her to where her partner is being held. They approach a building patrolled by androids, from which cries of pain can be heard. Arthur gives Georgia a camouflaged vest, which he claims will conceal her. She walks through the building, looking for Sam, unseen by the androids. She finds him in one of the rooms, with his legs badly broken. While she is freeing Sam, another prisoner tries to draw the attention of the androids. Georgia drags Sam out into a large garage. She collapses from contractions, and just as they are about to be apprehended, Arthur intervenes, stabbing an android and saving them. Georgia goes into labor in Arthur's truck. She wakes up in a hospital clinic, with Sam beside her. A nurse informs her that the C-section delivery went well, and that they have a baby boy. The couple name their son Forest, and Sam takes a photo of the family.

Later, Georgia gets questioned by a security officer. She tells him what she and Sam have been through, and mentions the vest. The officer tells her that such camouflage technology does not exist. Georgia then realizes that Arthur is an android and that he deceived her. Within moments, the power goes out, and the base comes under attack. Georgia tries to wake up Sam, to no avail. She heads down to try and activate the base perimeter EMP and is confronted by Arthur. She shoots him in the face repeatedly, killing him. She manages to activate the EMP and returns to Sam.

Principal photography began in September 2020 and lasted until November, with the majority of the film being located in Massachusetts.[7][8] The downtown area of Boston was used as the setting for the human colony, and the Lynn Woods Reservation was the location of the android stronghold.[8]

Lena Wilson of The New York Times commented that the movie "offers little in the way of world building", and that the reason behind the android uprising is vague and confusing. She mentioned that because of this, "It offers ample room for the film's strong emotional core, but can be hopelessly distracting."[14] Micheal Ordoña of the Los Angeles Times agreed, saying that in order to fully enjoy the film, they would have to focus on the main characters' "relationship and their mission to get their coming baby to safety and let the details blur." He noted that though the story has an "emotional resonance" with the filmmakers, referencing the real-life situation it was based on, its execution was not "immediate or terrifying as one imagines".[15]

At a subsequent Christmas party, however, they suddenly have much worse developments to deal with. In this near-future, the only significant difference from our present reality is that robotics have advanced to the point where many households have entirely human-looking/acting android servants. Unfortunately, that workforce chooses this particular moment to rebel, with immediate, bloody consequences.

Cut to months in the future where the United States has largely fallen to the androids, the survivors hiding in remote military bases or cities protected by EMP fields. Georgia is just about due and Sam wants to get them all to Boston where they might be able to catch a boat to promised safety in Korea. Why would a boat be sailing around the world from Boston to Korea instead of gathering survivors on the West Coast? Who knows.

Mother/Android was released on Hulu in December, and it has proven to be quite popular with audiences despite the mixed reviews it has received from critics. Set in a world where artificial intelligence-enabled devices slowly, but surely turn against humanity, it makes for an engaging post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller, where viewers can't help but root for the young mother-to-be in a desperate race towards safety.

Just like in Mother/Android, one of The Terminator's main characters is a mother-to-be. The key difference lies in the fact that Sarah Connor doesn't even know she is destined to bear the child that will one day lead humanity's resistance forces against all-powerful artificial intelligence that turned the Earth into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Like an episode of Black Mirror, Mother/Android is set in a near-future that looks eerily like the present only where technology allows for the majority of people to own robotic servants. From maids and butlers to public works roles, androids exist everywhere and are designed to be subjugated. One night, everything changes when the androids rise up and begin to slaughter humanity. All of this is shown in the opening minutes of the film where we also meet Georgia (Chloe Grace Moretz) and Sam (Algee Smith) within hours after they learn that Georgia is pregnant. Nine months later, we see the fallout from the android uprising and find Georgia and Sam looking for a safe place to have their baby. Thrust into a post-apocalyptic world, this two young parents-to-be must not only contend with murderous machines but also the impending baby that could come at any second.

The final thirty minutes of this movie are what hit me the hardest and make the entire experience of Mother/Android worth watching. Where any other genre movie would likely have ended, Mother/Android keeps going and tells us a far more personal story. There is no SkyNet or big bad in this story, just the journey of Georgia and Sam. Where and how the androids play into the equation is vital to this story, but Mattson Tomlin never makes this a movie about the rise or the fall of the machines. This is the story of two parents and their child. Because of that, how this movie ends is far more impactful and emotionally resonant than it would have been had this been about Sarah Connor and her son, John.

In the series, Georgia (Moretz), a pregnant young woman, and her boyfriend Sam (Smith) embark on a dangerous journey to escape a nation caught in an unexpected war with artificial intelligence. The couple must reach safety before the woman gives birth. One of the few men willing to help the parents-to-be is Arthur (Castillo), a reclusive and psychologically challenged computer whiz. Arthur has developed a camouflage shield against androids.

Chloë Grace Moretz and Algee Smith deliver stellar performances as a young couple facing the harshest of conditions. Neither are strangers to highly emotional roles, but this film is unrelenting in its obstacles for the characters. Moretz in particular is very believable as a young pregnant mother, something not every actor can pull off. In an interview with BGN, Moretz said that she wore a 21-pound silicone belly while trekking the Boston mountains, which helped her embody the physicality and fatigue of someone with child.

Sentient androids, who look human and serve as butlers and glorified assistants, become corrupted thanks to their latest software update, which affects the droids as well as smart cars, the electrical grid, drones, etc. As America collapses, the film cuts to 8 months later, where we find a heavily pregnant Georgia and Sam desperately seeking shelter and a safe place to give birth.

Also unexplained is what exactly our humans are up against. The android look and sound human, but occasionally have glowing blue eyes. And while they seem to be stronger, faster, and smarter than their human counterparts, some are easily destroyed via baseball bat to the head, while others can take several bullets to the face and keep on ticking. The mechanics of the robots are frustratingly opaque, as is their directive beyond world domination and killing humans. Who is leading them? What do they want? Are they simply mechanical sadists, as a robot torture outpost would suggest? Or are they fighting for something greater than robot liberation?

This is my review of Mother/Android, a family drama movie from 2021. It's about a pregnant girl and her partner trying to get to safety during an android uprising. The Mother/Android film is boring and dumb, I don't recommend it to anyone.

Past: Then we see a flashback, at a Christmas party, where the girl is probably pregnant, and she is talking to her partner (Algee Smith as Sam Hoth). Her partner wants to marry her, but the girl doesn't know if she wants to be with him. There are android servants around, and one of them glitches. While the girl talks with her friend, there's a screeching noise, and the android servant starts attacking the guests. They defeat the android, but find out there are attacks all around the city. 041b061a72

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