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Lmfao Sorry For Party Rocking Album Mediafire Zip

The music video takes place after the "Sorry for Party Rocking" video. The video's opening caption says that Redfoo and Sky Blu fell into a coma due to excessive party rocking and that their single was released the next day. After the caption "28 DAYS LATER" is seen, Redfoo and Sky Blu are shown in a deserted hospital, waking up from comas in a style similar to that of Cillian Murphy's character in the film 28 Days Later. Redfoo and Sky Blu exit the hospital into a deserted street full of litter and abandoned cars. They spot a man with a turtle backpack "shuffling" to their own song before they are quickly grabbed by another man in a dress shirt (Malcolm Goodwin), a parody of Louis from Left 4 Dead, who hides them behind a car and explains to them that ever since their single came out, everyone around the world simply "shuffle" all day long. Mid-conversation, the song begins to play in the street, and the man quickly hands Redfoo and Sky Blu some Beats by Dr. Dre earphones for the purpose of muting the song. Redfoo and Sky Blu insert the earpieces and are told to play along with the song. Soon, the street is filled with "shufflers", including label mate Colette Carr, all dancing to the song. When another young man tries to escape from a building, he is surrounded by the dancers in a style indicative of a zombie horde, before re-emerging with stylish new clothes and shuffling, having been "infected".

Lmfao Sorry For Party Rocking Album Mediafire Zip

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