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2018 Project Management App For Mac

Stay organized, focused, and in charge. Tackle anything from small projects to large initiatives. You may or may not be a project manager, but now you can be the boss of any project with a powerful, easy-to-use app.

2018 Project Management App For Mac

Our top four project management picks all offer a very well-rounded set of features, including kanban boards, calendars, Gantt charts and other forms of task management. Also, see our guide for the difference between task management vs project management.

While the free and Premium plans will keep most small-to-medium businesses going, the Business and Enterprise plans have long-term planning and resource management that will help you keep track of dozens of projects at once.

Besides the usual list and board that pretty much every other project management software tool has, nTask offers some less common views and functions, such as a grid view, time tracking and a very handy meeting planner.

The best free project management solution is Asana, followed closely by nTask. However, it bears mentioning that focused tools like Trello, Jira and TeamGantt usually have their center attraction on the free plan, meaning you can cobble together a decent patchwork project management tool completely free of charge, as long as the team stays small.

While some might use Cirkus as a relatively simple task and project management app, these features give you a ton of ways to collaborate on top of creating just simple task lists. Each Project can have its own files, comments, and due dates, but also each task within has its own attachments and comments giving you a ton of granular control for managing and assigning tasks for more intricate projects.

Doyou need project management for your Mac? Finding the best project managementfor your needs can be difficult. Although the most popular project managementsoftware, Microsoft Project, is currently Windows-dependent, there are otherproject management tools available that'll work with your Mac.

Inthis article you'll learn what to look for in Mac project management software.We'll also provide a brief overview of some of best project planning softwarefor Macs as well as some of the best cloud-based project planning softwarethat'll run on a Mac. So, whether you need simple project management softwarefor the Mac or something more complex, you're bound to find it on this list.

Thereare lots of options, so choosing the right project management software can bechallenging. It's important to make sure that it meets your needs. But projectmanagement needs can vary depending on the size of your organization and yourbudget as well as your project management methodology.

Note: Different projectmanagement tools handle these functions differently. If you're not sure whethera tool has one of these functions or how it handles a function, ask arepresentative for that software program.

Buyingproject management software is usually a significant investment, so it's a goodidea to try it before you buy it. Many of the software project management toolslisted in this article offer a free trial version so that you can test the toolto see whether it'll work for your needs.

Theproject management software packages below meet one or more of the criteria fora good project management software tool. Each of these tools also has a download designed specifically for the Mac. Here's the list:

Merlin Project from ProjectWizards is professional projectmanagement software. With it you can build a work breakdown, net plan, reports,and more. Project Wizards also offer other project management tools such asMerlin Project Go (an iPhone or iPad app that lets you use Merlin Project onyour iPad or iPhone) and Merlin Express (project management software for thesemi-professional user). Because you can access Merlin Project from the cloud,collaboration is easy. It integrates with a lot of other popular tools,including Apple Mail, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Outlook, Dropbox, and more.

Thisproject management software for Macs lets you create a master schedule thatcontains all of your projects, which is very helpful if your resources work onmore than one project. Here's just some of what you can do:

Thisproject management app is available for the Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. Itlets you focus on managing your resources so your project runs smoothly. Youcan also take advantage of the different project views such as the calendarview, the Gantt view, the critical path view, and more, to see the informationyou need quickly. The Project PlanningPro website includes some instructional videos as well as a PDF version of theuser manual that you can download.

QuickPlanproject management software for the Mac lets you use many keyboard shortcuts(gestures for iOS devices) to save you time. The Outline panel shows taskproperties in grid format. There's also a Gantt chart to help you see andmaintain your project. The Today widget lets you quickly view what needs to bedone right away. You can also produce reports in several formats, including PDFformat and Microsoft Excel-compatible CSV format. QuickPlan also integrates witha many other software tools such as MS Project, WBS, Excel, and more.

Daylitewas made for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone--but also synchs to the cloud. Use it ona wide variety of project types. It's especially good at keeping a history ofproject-related communications and tasks. Link resources to your project anddefine roles. Not only does it include many project management features, theadditional features mean you can also use it as a CRM and lead management tool. Daylite offers a large number oftutorials as well has help through live chat or by email.

Theproject management tools listed below are cloud-based. While they don'tnecessarily have a Mac version, they can be used on multiple platforms. Here'sour list of cloud-based project management software for Macs:

Likemost cloud-based project management tools, Wrike has great collaborativefeatures. You'll also find the Gantt charts, workflows, status updates, and manyother project management features you need. Real-time reports let you to buildand instantly share reports. It also includes time-saving features like DynamicRequest, which automatically assigns a request to the right team. Plus, your data is secure with enterpriseclass security. Wrike offers different levels of project management solutionsbased on your needs and the type of projects you manage.

Trello is a cloud-based software management tool that lets youorganize your projects on boards. You can see at a glance what tasks arecompleted and which remain to be done. You can use Trello to communicate withteam members and share files. I've personally used this tool, so I canconfidently say it's easy to use. Because Trello is always synched no matterwhat platform you're working from, the information you see is always current.

Clarizenis designed for collaboration. The cloud-based tool lets you control importaspects of your project such as risk and request management, task management,time tracking, and expense management. Create a schedule that lets you easilytrack and update your project's progress. Because Clarizen is cloud-based, youbenefit from having a centralized document repository where you can store yourfiles, presentations, and more. Learn how to use the tool quickly with ClarizenFoundation Training On Demand videos.

Projectmanagement needs vary. What's right for your business might not be right foranother business. The key to choosing the right Mac project management softwareis carefully taking your own needs into consideration.

nTask is a flexible and handyman project management tool that works on MAC & PC. From making checklists to managing projects, collaborating with project teams, scheduling meetings, file sharing, and offering state-of-the-art Gantt Charts.

nTask lets you do all of that and much more through one single project management tool. The program makes it easy to keep work of teams on track and it makes it easy for different stakeholders to share documents. It provides the option of integrating with Slack, which we feel is a lovely option.

Number 2 on our list of top task management apps for MAC is This is a fully-featured project management application with features such as planning, scheduling and updating in real time.

Using this tool, you can easily plan your projects, assign tasks, track the progress of your tasks and easily collaborate with teams. Using this app, you can create plans, tasks, reports, timesheets, and expenses.

As far as functionality and user experience is concerned, I put Microsoft OneNote right at the top of the list. Managing and creating tasks, to-do lists, and note-taking is smooth and fast with this highly intensive and full of-feature app for task management on MAC.

Now in its 3rd version, Things3 continues to be one of the most visually appealing task management apps for Apple users. The new redesign feels great; and what can you say they always strike gold with their look as well. is another task management application for Mac. It is a powerful application that combines the to-do list, task management, reminders, and calendar app in one place. It can be used to manage your tasks for personal tasks and can be used at the organizational level.

Simplenote Mac app has easy to use task management features such as; note keeping, to-do list items, idea mapping and more. You can organize your notes or data with tags and pins that allow easy to search functionality.

It is a complete project and task management app that can be used on Apple products such as iOS and Mac. It also won the Best MacStories Select Award in 2018. GoodTask3 works as a full reminder and calendar app that enable task management on Mac.

ProofHub fits into your workflows like a dream. It integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive for seamless file management. It is designed to replace email, excel sheets, and other communication tools in place today.

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